FAQ’s about QCI Nutritionals and Dietary Supplements

Will my login information from the previous QCI website still work on the new site?
Sorry, the login information from our old website will not work on this new site.  Please, either create an account before making your purchase or, alternatively, you can choose "CONTINUE AS GUEST" at checkout and make a purchase without creating an account. Have a question? Call 1-386-424-6767.




How do I know if I am getting a good quality nutritional supplement?
Only buy from manufacturers that follow “good manufacturing practices” (GMP’s) which mean their products have to meet certain quality standards.

"Not only does QCI Nutritionals buy exclusively from manufacturers that follow GMP guidelines, QCI also pays for additional independent testing of our products. We do this testing to ensure you receive the quality, dosage, and exact content on the QCI label." - Dr. Keith Engler, President QCI Nutritionals

Aren't all brands of nutritionals and supplements tested to ensure content and safety?
No. Manufacturers aren’t required to test their products, so most companies do not. Some products tested have been found to contain ingredients not listed on the label, including prescription drugs.

Can I take these products on my own, without a doctor?
Nutritionals and supplements are available for sale online or over the counter without a prescription. As with any change to your diet, we recommend you speak with your healthcare professional before starting. Many healthcare professionals have limited knowledge on nutritionals or supplements so our best advice is to get educated, remember this is your body do what is best for it.

If I eat properly, do I need to take nutritionals?
There is no substitute for a good diet and nutritionals are to supplement not replace what you are choosing to put in your mouth. Rarely will any diet with processed foods give a person all they need as far as nutrition. Not only are these food often depleted of important nutrients but these foods can actually leach existing nutrients from your body.

Can I take one pill a day to get everything I need?

Although many companies will try to convince you that you can get everything you need in one tiny pill, they are wrong. If you think of all the minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, and vitamins a person needs daily, the shear volume alone would not fit in one tablet or capsule. In addition, many nutrients should be taken more than once a day as only so much can be absorbed in a given time.

I have been told all I need is the RDA of any nutritional supplement.
OK, lets look at the RDA. As the US entered World War 2 a committee (which became the Food and Nutrition Board) was established and the RDA was formulated. The dosages of the Recommended Dietary Allowances were set to prevent nutritional deficiencies with a “margin of safety.” The RDA has only been updated a few times since with the last update in 1997 using the same criteria. In the 1997 update some new guidelines were added including DRI (Dietary Reference Intake), EAR (Estimated Average Requirement), and AI (Adequate Intake). The DRI’s are beginning to get closer to what nutritional doctors recommend. The RDA’s are not perfect and updated too infrequently to stay current with the explosion of nutritional research published.
Example, the RDA for vitamin D is 400iu’s yet a recent study found more than 50% of the adult population to have insufficient levels of vitamin D and 16% to be severely deficient. Most nutritional supplements have 1000iu’s or 5000iu’s and there is a prescription formulation for vitamin D that is 20,000iu’s.

What would be a good basic supplemental nutritional program?
In many “camps” within nutrition the same 5 nutritionals come up as the basics. Many have referred to these as the fabulous five:
1)    A high quality multivitamin/mineral
2)    Magnesium
3)    Omega 3’s
4)    Vitamin D3
5)    Probiotic
From this basic program you would add based on your specific needs such as:
Joint health - add Universal Joint Complex

Use our homepage to help you along this process or email us your questions.

What are nutritionals and dietary supplements?
Nutritionals and dietary supplements include vitamins, herbs, extracts, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, molecules, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and probiotics. You take these products by mouth in pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid to supplement your diet.



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