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January 2009

Alkali may help maintain bones
Olive oil polyphenols and cancer
Home exercise for diabetics
Vitamin K and diabetes
Vitamin C and blood pressure in youth
Vitamin D for statin myalgia
Caring touch lowers stress

November 2008

Vitamin C safe with cancer treatment
Vigorous exercise lowers breast cancer
Overweight and eating behaviors
Dark chocolate lowers heart risk
Green tea may prevent diabetes
Whole grains reduce heart failure

October 2008

Chelation therapy attacked
Healthy lifestyle lowers strokes
Diverticulitis: seeds, nuts, corn, and popcorn are OK
Dietary pattern and diabetes risk
Combined exercise helps heart failure

September 2008

Vitamin D lowers diabetes risk
Acupuncture helps headaches
B12 may reduce brain atrophy
Obesity worsens asthma
Exercise helps cognitive function
Fish oil helps heart failure
Mediterranean diet improves health

August 2008

Broccoli and prostate cance
Vitamin C lowers diabetes risk
Vitamin C IV shrinks cancers
Diet lowers colorectal cancer
Exercise lowers cancer risk
Low awareness of exercise-cancer link
Garlic controls hypertension

July 2008

Lycopene and cancer
B vitamins, homocysteine, and bones
Acrylamide and kidney cancer
Vitamins help diabetics’ brain function
Fish oils (EPA) and strokes
Diet, heart deaths, and mortality
Are chickens fed antibiotics?

June 2008

Mediterranean diet reduces diabetes
Popcorn raises whole grain intake
Body mass index and cancer
Eggs increase mortality risks
Fruits, veggies, and head/neck cancers
Milk no help for weight loss
Omega-3 oils reduce eye disease

May 2008

Vitamin E reduces mortality
Medications hasten mental decline
Mediterranean diet for the brain
DASH diet for adolescents
Soy protein lowers diabetics’ risks
Exercise “reduces” obesity risks
Vitamin D may help blood vessels

April 2008

Acupuncture helps migraines
Soy foods reduce breast cancer
Trans fats increase breast cancer
Vitamins C and E and dementia
Exercise prevents breast cancer
Mushroom inhibits breast cancer
DASH diet for heart and stroke protection

March 2008

Meat and breast and ovarian cancers
Saccharin and weight gain
Diet and prostate enlargement
Coenzyme Q10 increases endurance and fights fatigue
Whole grains lower heart risks
Broccoli blocks bladder cancer

February 2008

Sugar may lead to Alzheimer’s disease
Better health habits extend life
Vitamin C lowers stroke risk
Vitamin E prevents physical decline
Antioxidants prevent cataracts
Vitamin D, blood pressure, and heart
Exercise reduces colon cancer risk
Dr. Moss on radiation for breast cancer

January 2008

Meat increases cancer risk
Happiness helps health
Yoga helps, but is not enough exercise
L-carnitine helps the elderly
Strontium increases bone density
Cured meat and lung disease

December 2007

Diet lowers risk of Parkinson’s disease
Fruits, veggies, fats, and dementia
Vitamin D lowers diabetes risk
B12 and cognitive decline
Muscle mass, waist size, and mortality
Exercise protects diabetics
Flavonoids prevent ovarian cancer

November 2007

Veggies, fruits, and fish reduce asthma
Tooth loss associated with dementia
Broccoli and skin cancer protection
Exercise helps balance
Diet aids fertility
Whole grains, diet, stop heart disease
Saturated fats harm blood vessels

October 2007

Veggies lower prostate cancer risk
Vitamin C blocks cancer
Lutein and zeaxanthin protect retina
Mediterranean diet for arthritis
Vitamin E prevents blood clots
Mild exercise reduces diabetes risk
Diabetes drugs cause heart problems

September 2007

Coffee and hypertension
Exercise helps heart patients
Green tea and cancer protection
Antacids damage mental function
Low-normal weight is better
Extra virgin olive oil reduces clotting
Food additives and hyperactivity

August 2007

Mediterranean diet for heart/diabetes
Soy isoflavones for bones and heart
Blue corn anthocyanins
Lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine
Silymarin for hepatitis and cancer
Exercise helps the elderly
Exercise and childhood diabetes
Omega-3 oils and cancer

July 2007

Vegetable omega-3 and hypertension
Fatty acids and macular degeneration
Vitamin D and macular degeneration
Whole grains for heart and brain
Whole grains reduce inflammation
Flavonoids help brain function
Vitamin D and heart disease
Vitamin D from sun inadequate

June 2007

Strength training helps older muscles
Diet and skin cancer
Diet and breast cancer mortality
Chelation helps kidney disease
Chromium and diabetes
Chronic lung disease and diet
Meat consumption and weight

May 2007

Meat consumption and breast cancer
Fruits/veggies and head/neck cancers
Glycemic load and weight loss
Black cohosh reduces breast cancer
Muscle building and diabetes
Alpha lipoic acid and diabetes
CoQ10 and migraine headaches

April 2007

Lignans and breast cancer
Fruits, meats, and colon cancer
Flavonoids lower heart deaths
Second hand smoke risks
Alcohol, aneurysm, and breast cancer
Meat protein and endometrial cancer
Ask Dr. J: Ipriflavone and hormones

March 2007

Diet and Weight Loss Study
Unhealthy Girl Scout Cookies
Vitamin D and Colon Cancer
Maintaining Muscle with Aging
Selenium and Cognitive Function
Chronic Lead Exposure and Cognition

February 2007

Lowering Cholesterol Raising HDL
Organic Strawberries Better
Grape Juice Equals Red Wine Benefits
Telling Doctors about Alternatives
Probiotics for Infant Colic
Folic Acid for Hearing and Cognition
Exercise and Diet for Obese Elderly

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